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NCERT Solutions

So, you have finally stepped into the arena of higher studies. You have leveled up another level, and it is soon time for you to go onto the next one. Levelling up isn’t an easy job, you only reap what you sow. So dear students, it is time to step on that accelerator and step up your game. While your last class may seem easier now, but looking back know it wasn’t so for you. Same is the case for now. You know you will get there if you put in a little more effort than usual.

Our NCERT solutions and NCERT Exemplar are here to help you out of your misery. In need of solutions that are designed according to the textbook? Try our set of NCERT solutions, paired with the NCERT Exemplar that are based as per the paper pattern and syllabus of the current year. Do not look any further for books that might stray you away from the actual text. A bigger strategy to score points on the examination is sticking true to the context of the textbook.

Why should you choose our set of NCERT solutions & NCERT Exemplar? We bring to you a clear summarization of the whole topics / chapters. If you are considering to buy a guide explaining the solutions in an authentic and easier format, then you should check out our collection. In addition to this, we offer you with easy and concise diagrams that are reproducible and ideal for students in the form of our NCERT Solutions and NCERT exemplar. Utmost care is taken into account that our NCERT exemplar correspond to the requirements and needs of the students considering it. Answers are provided with illustrations wherever necessary. In the course of time, the text has been revised again and again so lesser burden falls on the students reaching for aid from it. Along with the addition of new chapters and topics according as per the latest syllabus in the NCERT exemplar, the entire context of the book has been revised to keep up with the current times.

Our NCERT solutions & NCERT Exemplar are ideal for students that do not wish to spend unnecessary expense on coaching classes and wish to study by self. Since, this is the point of their life where they can either make or break their career, we advise them to choose wisely. Other features of the NCERT exemplar and NCERT solutions provided by us are that they aren’t all about the flowery language and only offer as much is required for obtaining marks, that too, in a logical format.