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This online facility provides easy and free access to NCERT Books for classes 6 to 12 in Hindi and English. NCERT books have the most reliable and relevant information needed for students as well as those preparing for competitive examinations. Many textbooks are available in the market, but NCERT books stand alone in their content and relevance and are definitely the best as it is being proven each year.

NCERT books are the major requirement for CBSE exams in all schools throughout India, as well as abroad. Our site provides free access to NCERT books in pdf format which you can download and study at your convenience. Latest edition (2018-2019) NCERT Book pdf format is available for classes 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6. NCERT books download facility is available for textbooks as well as the solutions in English and Hindi mediums.

Fully reliable and secure options are available for NCERT books download in pdf format. It is generally observed that some students may be interested in specific chapters only without needing to download the entire textbook. This may be true in the case of teachers as well who teach in different classes and need to refer to certain portions for their extensive preparations. Hence we have made provisions for chapter-wise breakup in NCERT books pdf format so that the user can download only the portion that they need. This may help in revising some concepts which you have studied earlier or for those students who wish to do advanced studies. Today’s education world has become so competitive that students need all the help that they can get and this site is a very good option for those students who have the right initiative and are able to do self-study without spending money on tuitions.

The NCERT books download service is a help not only to students and teachers, but also for civil service examination aspirants since they are on the lookout for the best resources for higher level preparation. The candidates preparing for the Civil Services and IAS examinations have to undergo a very rigorous preparation plan where they need to connect knowledge to life activities and also learn to shift from the routine methods. The NCERT books encourage them to think, enriching the study beyond textbooks, and also to get a comprehensive idea regarding various topics as well as to correlate current news with the textbook topics.