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CBSE Sample Papers

We are sure that our viewpoints of the CBSE sample papers will aid the students in preparation for the examination, and help them ace it. Our team takes many efforts in designing CBSE question papers.

Previous Year CBSE Sample Papers

An effective solution to this is the use of practice question papers since they can help students to study regularly on their own pace and also to manage their time well. Our site provides CBSE previous years’ question papers online for this very purpose.

NCERT Solutions

Our NCERT solutions and NCERT Exemplar are here to help you out of your misery. In need of solutions that are designed according to the textbook? Try our set of NCERT solutions, paired with the NCERT Exemplar that are based as per the paper pattern and syllabus of the current year.


NCERT books are the major requirement for CBSE exams in all schools throughout India, as well as abroad. Our site provides free access to NCERT books in pdf format which you can download and study at your convenience.


We provide you with quality study material such as books, notes etc. We have specially arranged NCERT solutions for class 10 as NCERT books are said to be the best books to be practiced if you are preparing for board exams, but only solving questions is not enough, you also have to gain knowledge and study about that particular subject and topic in detail and that is what our site provides you.


We feel that by providing you with quality sample papers for class 10, we not only help you in securing good marks, but we also help you to increase your confidence because at the time of writing your final paper. You will remember the methods to solve even a single question through different methods because you would have already solved our specially made sample papers for class 10 and model papers for class 10.