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CBSE Previous Year's Question Papers

During student life, every academic year revolves around the preparations for the final examination. Since there are so many subjects to study each year, the only way to excel is through regular study and practice. Time management becomes a major issue here. What with tuitions and entrance coaching on top of the regular school-going classes, students are left with almost no time for self-study. This becomes more important in the case of board exams as they are a major milestone in education and career choices and higher studies are defined by it.

An effective solution to this is the use of practice question papers since they can help students to study regularly on their own pace and also to manage their time well. Our site provides CBSE previous years’ question papers online for this very purpose.

How can the practice papers help a student in the preparation for CBSE exams?

  • Self-Assessment : Working with the CBSE previous years’ question papers enables a student to test himself on a regular basis. It is an excellent way to measure how much they have retained from what they studied. It will help in brushing up what they have learned and to find out where they are unprepared.
  • Marking Scheme : Once the student starts solving the CBSE previous years’ question papers, it will help them to get familiarized with the marking scheme and the distribution and weightage of essential topics in an exam. Thus, they can plan their revision well and focus attention on more demanding topics.
  • Time Management : Practicing with the CBSE previous years’ question papers helps a lot to gain training in managing the time frame for board exams. Even though they know all the answers, unless they present it satisfactorily within the specified time period, it can affect their much-deserved results. These question papers enable them to keep on practicing so that they can manage their comprehension, writing speed, and problem-solving speed, all in the same environment as an examination hall.
  • Increased Confidence : Most of the students suffer from examination fever and the fear of what to expect. Practicing with the CBSE previous years’ question papers help to make them comfortable with the pattern of examination and the type of questions which often get repeated. This helps to relieve their anxiety and stress with regard to the exam as they are better equipped to face the exam and have an idea of what to expect.